Yes, you heard it right! It’s Duendesday! What does that mean – well, a couple of things. See, here at the house, it means that Duende is in charge of meals but hopefully it will mean more as she gets a hold of the possibilities. Maybe she will decide what projekts we tackle that day or events, etc. And it will also mean that she will take over the blog on those days, too (ha!). I think right now it means that as we ease her into that role, I will blog about her and her marvelousness…

In case you don’t know – Duende is a 9 yr old ‘mischievous imp’ (that’s what her name means, or a spanish wood sprite, a ‘Puck’, a leprechaun or lutine or nisse of sorts). She is homeschooled (freeschooled – specifically, which means no curricula and based on the Steineresque 7-yr-cycle). She is hilariously funny and engaging. She has a keen interest in inventing (both on her own and as a lover of Tinker/Kiwi crates, snap circuits, building kits), dancing, fashion-designing (even for pets), and has a sophisticated drawing style. She loves horseback-riding, sledding, riding her bike, picking apples (not so much blackberries), playing in her ‘algae pond’ in the creek, making jewelry (mostly crowns; we’re all kings and queens, thank you Pamela Zagarenski), writing comic books (like Squigtor the Courageous!), and baking.

Today, she is joining Josh for the bread delivery. She’s made a ‘samples stand’ that reminds me of Lucy’s (from Peanuts) psychiatry booth – The Doctor Is In, 5cents. She also worked all night on sandwich boards (for the table, for everyone’s body including the dog) and a concessions/ hawkers box. She’s too funny.

And speaking of vending – if you happen to be by the house, make sure you ‘vend’ in her automatic braided rope vending machine (she sits in the back of a cardboard box while you put coins in a slot, use tokens to slip into a pocket to determine length of braid, push a cut out button for color, she lowers a string-tied drawbridge from inside to give you the braid). Hilarious!

Happy Duendesday!

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creative life-learner

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