Year of the Rat

hmmm, let’s hope the rats are fortuitous and not rampant in New England carrying ticks and getting into stuff…I can think of some political rats that I could do without, as well (pretty much anyone that doesn’t respect other humans, including women, children, LGBTQ, other nationalities or lovely skin colors, mindsets, ecologists, artists, or anyone who freely thinks and cares about the world) so I will consider this more a Hindu mythological rat which helps us all overcome whatever obstacles we need to hurdle this year. Happy Lunar New Year! (yes, we’re heathens, we celebrate almost anything fun and positive…)

So, as a new start to a new thing (isn’t every day a new day of a new year?) the To-Do list is never-ending but always new. We are updating the house (always – it’s a process house, healthily reviving an old 1840’s small ‘farmhouse’, read: cape with small additions). Right now the ‘dining room’ – which we named Stan has new sheetrock (and removal of paneling, and a covering of the old front door, we took out the not original – not good – built-in, and will have a new coat of primer by Monday), and then we can move in the books (a new built-in bookshelf will be built this Spring) and the record player and piano. The other end of the house is quite heavy with all the goods from this end – very cramped and crowded and crazy. The new tv ‘snug’ has a new rug and soon a new little couch to make cozy but limit our screen time, and an expansion of our studio/ office will help to get more arting and writing done. The only thing left in the new bathroom is some trim and to finish 2 strips of wallpaper. And in the kitchen, the window sills and framing. The floors will have to wait until the end of Winter, too. Too many things to do! And before you know it, it will be sugaring time (I will keep you updated on that – many have expressed interest in helping out or watching the boil).

Josh continues to perfect and learn his sourdough technique (we have lots of baby starters if anyone wants one! they are lovely, let me know!). There are pumpkin seeds drying on the shelf – and new fantasies of planting small fat pumpkins amidst the cornrows. A new batch of turmeric tagliatelle rests in the pantry and I’ve got a pate and fermented mustard to prepare for Imbolc (where can I get quail’s eggs around here for wee Scotch eggs?). The snow is melting (another January thaw? grrr) a bit, and the child is rushing to save her faerie igloos but the Winter walks have been just stunning – lots of tracks, and rich blue skies.

May your every day be a new day to overcome.

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creative life-learner

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