And so we continue, here in West Gardiner, Maine – the ebb and flow of the January thaw, then a freeze, some snow  -and snow sledding! If you haven’t had the experience of a lovely little sledding party here at Rock Bottom – do consider it – it’s a nice affair, a pot of something hot and yummy on the stove, always coffee, generally beer or Scotch, and 3-4 short runs that are fun – You can race each other – taking the jump through the grape arbor, or take a more meandering slide down the hill on the new track that winds around the apple tree. We’re thinking of this Sunday if we get the snow we’re promised – January 19 – contact us for more info or RSVP, fun for adults and smallish children: homesteadrockbottom@gmail.com or call us if you have our number. Wish for Snow!!


Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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