Thursday Recipe: Black Beans & Plantains

I freaking love plantains. All of them, in any way, any time. However, I really only make them one or two ways; either a mofungo or sweet-ripe & smashed fried (yes, that’s one thing). The thing about plantains is – they are a pain when they are green (like for mofungo) – peeling is aContinue reading “Thursday Recipe: Black Beans & Plantains”

Birthday Dinner: Tuna Shish Kabob

There’s a birthday at Rock Bottom Homestead today! Mine!! Yay Me! What is planned? Well, it’s a lovely (though cool) day – we have more peas to get in (they’ve already been soaked in coffee so they need to go in pronto) and the planting onions are in the fridge so they need to goContinue reading “Birthday Dinner: Tuna Shish Kabob”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Moroccan Greens Dip

Spring is springing and all I can think about is Greens. Our northside of the hill, in lower Mid-Maine, is still pretty scarce on the green front but signs are coming. I love wild greens, garden greens, all especially as bitter greens. But it’s still also pretty cool, and though I will certainly pair aContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Moroccan Greens Dip”

Recipe Thursday: Froot Crisp (GF)

You read that right – that’s how we spell it around here. Why? ’cause it’s funnier that way, that’s why. Homeskooling is hilarious because you really get to not only see the ridiculousness of some of our learning systems but you also get to mess with your kids…take spelling, for instance – many words areContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Froot Crisp (GF)”

Recipe Thursday: Roast Chicken & Sweet Potato Gratin

I know – I’m sorry – Duendesday slipped right by in the busy and bustle of online meetings yesterday. I can tell you she’s developing a new comic series of Bunnies (and a comic relief duck princess) and the perspectives are hilarious. Today she wants to cuddle up in our animal onesies (no, J doesn’tContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Roast Chicken & Sweet Potato Gratin”

Recipe Thursday: Creamy Beans & Barley en Brodo with Roasted Cauliflower

You just read that title twice, didn’t you, because it instantly sounds soooooo good. If you are on lockdown and need some magickal, relatively healthy, homey food – don’t fret. If you are out and about in the countryside (where here it is still pretty chilly), this will warm you up. If you are justContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Creamy Beans & Barley en Brodo with Roasted Cauliflower”

Recipe Thursday: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dried Plums and Almonds

Happy Spring! It’s not a sunny new Spring day here but it is Spring! Tonite will mark the even but ascendant time of the sun and sky – renewal, birth, cycles of new growth. And like all new babies, the earth needs tending to – nourishment, immune strengthening, and extra care. We’ve been ignoring theContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dried Plums and Almonds”

Recipe Thursday: Patatas a lo Pobre

We succumbed to the romanticism of Spain, for sure, even before we got to spend a month there 10 years ago (a very telling 10 years as we suspected halfway through our trip that we were pregnant – ‘my baby loves this Spanish wine!’, ‘my baby loves morcilla!’) – we read Chris Stewart’s Driving OverContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Patatas a lo Pobre”

Recipe Thursday: Best Ever Brownies

I kid you not. A magickal space between fudge and cake exists and it is in these brownies…when you are feeling sad or needy or have a deep chocolatey sweet tooth urging you to find the happy place, or even if you are in a lovely appreciative-of-all-the-worlds-gifts kind of mood – this will exalt youContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Best Ever Brownies”