Recipe Thursday – Bread Book: Stromboli

I might be giving away my Pennsylvania secrets here (even though this southern kind of PA didn’t hit my life until my pre-teens/early teens) but Stromboli is a blessed thing. A very small regional pocket of goodness (other areas try to mimic or claim, but it’s just not the same), and yes, my mom makesContinue reading “Recipe Thursday – Bread Book: Stromboli”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Summer Meat Loaf with Gazpacho and Smashed Potatoes

It’s hard to think of Summer as meat loaf time but in this house both J & D could eat meat loaf anytime. Just the name throws me, we should come up with another name…around here, it’s likely to be an actual name like Freddy or Winston or something. And, if you know J atContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Summer Meat Loaf with Gazpacho and Smashed Potatoes”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – French Toast Crisp Casserole

So, Josh is off today and tomorrow for day long workshops on bread making, grain growing, oven building, etc goodness at the Maine Grain Alliance Kneading Conference which culminates on Saturday in a little Bread Fair. We’ve been going to the fair pretty much since we’ve been up here (before Josh started really baking) butContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – French Toast Crisp Casserole”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Yankee Muffuletta

Picture a young northern couple road tripping from Manchester, Vermont to New Orleans, Louisiana in a urine yellow ’74 Valiant (which cost us $350) that looked like tinfoil that had been scrunched up and then attempted to smooth out, with a big dog and lots of CD’s (with a playlist of Nirvana, Harry Connick, LyleContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Yankee Muffuletta”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Tostadas/Crostini/Bruschetta, etc.

Whatever you want to call snack on toasts, I find it amazing that here in America, we don’t value this simple and delectable treat as much as they do in Southern Europe and Scandinavia. Of course we eat toast – mainly with butter and jam, for breakfast, or with eggs, etc, or a little coldContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Tostadas/Crostini/Bruschetta, etc.”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Beet Hummus and Seedy Cubes

Alright, I hate to admit it (it’s not good to pick favorites!) but the Seedy Sourdough Round Bread Josh makes is the best (if you haven’t – check out the Stone Broke Bread Bakery and become a member!). I love all the seed goodness, unexpected texture and protein (and getting all my seed nutrition likeContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Beet Hummus and Seedy Cubes”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Foraged Pizza

We have lived semi-rurally for a few years now and one of the first things we realized was that we could not get pizza delivery. Not only that, but there are very few choices in the area if we could. Pizza is not just pizza to me. Having a sizeable chunk of my teenage/young adultContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Foraged Pizza”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Pappa al pomodoro (Italian Tomato Bread Soup)

I spent a week or so in Tuscany a few years back, traveling for school, and tried some of the local fare; Pappardelle al cinghiale (Wild Boar Ragu pasta, which I had to try a couple of times because it was soooooo good), Panzanella (Bread Salad, see J’s version – I love it more thanContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Pappa al pomodoro (Italian Tomato Bread Soup)”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Wallop with Cheesy Beer Dip

How do you like your fondue? or raclette? or queso fundido (flameado)? Melted cheese in any country sounds like a sensual sort of heaven to me. We once watched an international cooking show which featured old women on some (likely) Mediterranean island melting cheese in a fire with two sticks, they had to stay inContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Wallop with Cheesy Beer Dip”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Charlie the Chocolate Bread in Maple Bread Pudding

We are very excited to introduce the new lovely addition to the bakery family – Charlie the Chocolate bread. A sweet but savory loaf with lots of nuanced pepper character with also bittersweet chocolate chips! Yes – I said chocolate chips but see, you want them, even in the savoryness as they punctuate the pepperContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Charlie the Chocolate Bread in Maple Bread Pudding”