Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Majorcan Stew

Our lovely local CSA has provided lately with almost all of the ingredients for this stew. It is hard to think of stew in the heat of Summer but this comes together rather quickly (all in all, about an hour) using both stovetop and oven – make sure to use an ovensafe pot to goContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Majorcan Stew”

Seasonal Celebrations/Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Josh’s Panzanella (i.e. Bread Salad)

Lughnasadh, Lammas, or even Freyfaxi, and Perunov den, in addition to Hopi Snake and Flute dances, and Native American Eagle dances – all within the mid summer (not be confused, apparently, with Midsummer, which is somehow actually Summer Solstice and not the middle of Summer at all, like the approximation of August 1st – evenContinue reading “Seasonal Celebrations/Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Josh’s Panzanella (i.e. Bread Salad)”

Recipe Thursday: Roasted Veg Farro Salad

Many a moon ago I checked out of the library this lovely Roasting cookbook by Barbara Kafka and learned the secret of ‘high roasting’ and apply it often. There is a time and a place for slow-low-roasting (any big pork roast prefers it, our Roast Chicken recipe starts on high but then goes pretty low,Continue reading “Recipe Thursday: Roasted Veg Farro Salad”

Recipe Thursday: Rhabarberkuchen

Translated: Rhubarb Cake!! But it’s more exciting if you take it into consideration of the German ‘kuchen’ time, which is essentially high tea or afternoon cake and coffee. Many years ago now, my lovely friend Vanessa took me as her date to a wedding in Germany for her International Exchange friend that she met inContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Rhabarberkuchen”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Harold

The simplicity of Harold. Who is he? He’s not our in-house-special-chef. He’s not our cooking mentor or even family member, though he’s a bit of the latter. No, Harold is the name we give this dish, that is not a dish. If you know us well, you know that we give names to things allContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Harold”