Thursday Recipe: Summer Food Dreams

We spend all Summer dreaming about the comfort foods of Winter (deep savory pies with aspic, vats of stews, casseroles of cheese and pasta) that when warmer weather comes we want simpler foods with less window dressing (grill foods, simple salads, fruit sorbets). But there are also those middle ground times – not just ofContinue reading “Thursday Recipe: Summer Food Dreams”

Recipe Thursday: Thai Basil Chicken Curry & Corn Fritters

The reality is this week our curry will be made with leftover Turkey (since the child decided to whip up Turkey dinner last week!) and since our Thai Basil are sweet tiny wee seedlings, we will substitute with Italian Basil. If I pair this with Corn Fritters (Tod Man Khao Pod), the child might eatContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Thai Basil Chicken Curry & Corn Fritters”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Garden Focaccia

We do all kinds of things with our Sourdough pizza dough: Friday night Pizza (of course, generally a cheese or olive/cheese for the child – with sauce, and a white pizza for us sometimes with mushrooms and basil and ricotta, mmmmm), Stromboli (a PA treat with lots of cured meats/cheese/peppers and olives as sort ofContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Garden Focaccia”

Recipe Thursday: Hot Lobster Dip & Tortilla Chips

As with many of our recipes, I’m all about the ‘kitchen-sink technique’; it’s all about what we have on hand. I prefer recipes that I can easily substitute something of a like kind and that it satisfies all three of our diverse palates (harder to come by with some dishes for the kid but weContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Hot Lobster Dip & Tortilla Chips”

Recipe Thursday: Maple Weekend Baked Beans and Fish Cakes

I have to say that I have always hated Baked Beans – there was something about the grainy texture of the beans and the sweetness that never appealed to me. And then I started making them myself and now I can balance the sweet with the savory more effectively. My lovely Cooking Down East byContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Maple Weekend Baked Beans and Fish Cakes”

Rock Bottom Recipe: Spring-thinkings and a Quiche

I know it’s close to Spring when I start craving green things big time (I think I mentioned the same last year). We pull out all the frozen kale we put away last Summer, use up the fresh CSA micro-bitter-greens and baby Chard/Spinach (the Rainbow Chard from the farm this week is stunning!) and startContinue reading “Rock Bottom Recipe: Spring-thinkings and a Quiche”

Recipe Thursday: Maple Sunday Chili & Cornbread

Everyone thinks Chili means something different – some are all about the beans (some no beans at all), some believe in big chunks of meat/some used ground (or no meat at all). I’ve had Chili with no tomatoes (think White Bean with Chicken and Green Chilis or a more ‘gravy’ style) and Chili which isContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Maple Sunday Chili & Cornbread”

Recipe Thursday: Mushroom Cream Soup

It’s been a rough week. Sickness, weather, and for us, a redistribution of space and goals. But we are starting to feel a renewed vigor and dedication to ourselves, our community, and this crazy life we’ve chosen (crazy things I never thought I would do before we embarked on this hill: vaseline chicken combs forContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Mushroom Cream Soup”