Tuesday Happenings: Living the Life

Some mornings the landscapers at the neighbors get us up early (and I thought our lovely neighbors liked us! ha!), and there are many spiders in the bathroom, and I find a tick attached to both me and the dog (not the same tick, at the same time, mind you), and the breads don’t come out as nice as expected. This all happens. However, there are also times when D makes me lovely chocolate-chip cupcakes (these ones for Mother’s Day, and her best yet!), when all the trees and flowers are in bloom and full of perfume, birds are singing, and the breads are beautiful. This all happens, too.

I definitely prefer the latter to the former. I prefer to forage around my yard in ignorant bliss, covered in tick spray, with an elderflower or bergamot cocktail. Josh helped me finally plant my gladiolus bulbs but we’ve done nothing to the gardens yet. My beans want in desperately (I think I’ve missed my pea window). I ‘potted up’ some dahlias yesterday and the seed trays of peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes (oh lovely nightshades) are doing well. I’ve a couple of trays of companion plants and flowers, too – marigolds, nasturtium, celosia (for the bees), zinnia, bachelor buttons, drumstick flowers, pansies, calendula, etc. I would still like to get some more herbs and flowers in but we shall see.

Meanwhile, back at the shop – folks are finding us, despite still not having ‘real signage’ (oh, the start-up hump is hard to get over), and joining the membership which is excellent. It is a whole new way to think about local economy, as honestly – more ecological as it is all about our relations to one another and the kind of world we want to live in. It’s a learning curve for many (and for us!) but people are responding kindly and enthusiastically – we might have to have a waitlist soon! Community commitment is encouraging.

We’re looking forward to a Late Art Nite this Friday – fresh bready treats, conversations about art and books, a town open for art wanderings, should be lovely and we hope to see you!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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