Tuesday Happenings & Events

Rainy Rain Rain. We need it though, not enough snow this Winter. The apple trees will be in drought again this year, poor little things. They’ve suffered so the last fews years with less and less water and more and more predators, some saplings are dwindling and others are pushing through – it’s definitely a ‘survival of the fittest’ kind of orchard these days. Meanwhile, the pears and plums are strong and lovely (reminder for next year – more pear and plum trees). We put in a couple more elderberry to try and build our bush (for such a thriving creature, it does not want to thrive for us, we’ve moved the bush around a couple of places with no luck). So, rain. We need it. I’m leaning in to the romanticism of it, listening to lovely jazz and neo-soul ladies at the shop.

Speaking of the shop, this Thursday, April 27th, we’re hosting some amazing local poets – Meghan Sterling, Robert Carr, & Audrey Gidman will be here for a marvelous reading. I’m excited as they are all sensuous writers. A nice bread board will be available, as well.

And then, this weekend, come on down to decorate up some rousing posters for International Worker’s Day on May 1st, also Mid-Spring (Happy Beltane!), because – honestly, many worker’s rights are still not being met or honored, here or abroad. Come voice your concern – we’ll decorate the windows with the posters on Monday! (and all our coffee, by the cup or whole bean bag, will be 10% off – of which, all of ours is organic and Fair-Trade). All books for the seasonal festival are also 10% off May 1st (keepin’ it witchy).

After that, on May 4th, (may the fourth be with you) we will have local Maine author and genealogy historian Michelle E. Shores come for a reading from her book The Gathering Room: A Tale of Nelly Butler. Giving new life to an old Maine folktale, Shores unwinds a story like a warm rich ball of wool. Come and sit on the edge of your seat for a romantic ghost story. Refreshments will be served.

May 6th (10-5) & 7th (11-4), the Maine Pottery Tour opens studio doors across the state, including our friend and partner from The Potter’s Shed at 605 Hallowell-Litchfield Rd. Go see what they are up to – Todd is a skilled potter with a great earthy sense, or catch their goods at the shop.

We are also happy to announce a new partnership with the Wabanaki Mobile Food Pantry has begun. It was hard to find the ability to share excess and donated bread with families in need directly and this amazing program makes that happen. They pick up fresh food from all over the state to then drive it to Wabanaki communities (again, all over the state) to make sure that people are getting healthy nutritiously viable food in their homes. We are over the moon to be able to be a part of this program as it fulfills our mission to also make sure that real people are getting real food (it shouldn’t be that hard) and I think this program is a great model. We are working on getting an option to donate monetary shares, as well, keep your eye out.

With rain, comes flowers and new growth.

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