Happenings on a Tuesday

What happens around here on Tuesdays? Lately, J gets up early (not as early as on Monday when he hits the shop at 3:15, on Tuesdays he sleeps in until 5…whoa – ha!) and heads to the shop to bake for our Community Supported Bakery members (which will now be a Saturday thing, too). I get up a little later and he comes to get me so I can open the bookshop at 10. The child generally comes in with me but goes on deliveries to the Portland area with the baker. He’s out of the shop by 11 ish, generally and I’m left to sell some delicious bready goods and (hopefully) stimulating books to the public.

But Tuesdays are a little sleepy in Gardiner, ME. People have not figured out that I have all this bread! And it needs to be eaten! Today I have gorgeous naturally leavened sandwich loaves – Honey Oat, Cinnamon Raisin, and the fluffy White along with small yummy boules of Parmesan bread, some fresh bagels and a few odds and ends. But I haven’t seen a human in hours. I’ve drank all the hot fresh coffee, cleaned many things, blogged, wrote grant proposals, made some publisher connections, and even considered some homework. Where are the people?! They are sad when they don’t have the bread, but we have the bread today…

And where will this bread go? I just don’t know. There are no food pantry’s available to take it (we’ve tried and tried to find someone). People need food and there is food available but somehow no way to get it to them. I have Oprah fantasies of chucking free bread out the store door – and bread for you! And a bread for you!

Upcoming for us is a membership promotion – 20% off during March, to increase the ability to move this extra batch bread – so tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors! If you love our bread, help us make sure it sticks around and gets into the right mouths! Otherwise, events, new books, the seed orders are in (and soon time to plant them!). This week also begins sugaring season for us – the man and child will be boiling sap and playing games, come check out the process or hang out a bit around the sweet fire!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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