Tuesday Happenings

The paperwhites in the store window are starting to bloom. The starter, Doris, is very happy in her new kitchen. And the Solstice countdown is on.

We got a typeset tray a few years ago and decorated it up as a countdown calendar – painting all our favorite activities and treats inside. D repaints the window covering every year so we can cut out and fold over the days as we go along. However, this year, our lives are quite different and we’re struggling to make all our festivities happen. When the waffle breakfast square popped up, we realized we rarely have mornings long enough to get that together so we organized a day in Portland, visiting Hot Suppa for brunch and doing a little Solstice shopping. I’ve yet to figure out why there is a monkey in jail for family game night but we’re ready.

The frost (and a light snow) have finally come with the Cold Moon so we are hoping the sugarbush gets some much needed rest and rejuvination. They need it to regroup and express sugars so we can make Maple Syrup! J is thinking it will be a late and short season for us – I hope we can make enough for our needs this year. Anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change is not paying attention.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to prepare for a Grand Opening Seed Swap – getting my seed packets ready, organizing a speaker, and a group art show. Yes, the holiday shift is nice – we love to signal the seasonal change with the Solstice (it’s more of a beginning for us, than an end) and think about the new growing opportunities!

May you grow.

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creative life-learner

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