Tuesday Happenings

Rock Bottom Updates (big & small):

  • the Swine & Stein was a moderate hit – we got the word out so that was good and we broke even on the event spending. I was a little shocked more people didn’t desire a little bag of warm bread with butter to nibble on since it was chilly! And many folks think we are opening a full spread bakery, and a classic style bookstore…but we had a nice time with friends and family who hung out with us! Thank you, friends and family! It was so nice to see you and hang out with you, too!
  • New stamp labeling excites us – moving away from stickers has been a goal (stickers aren’t really made with the best of stuffs, and yes, neither are stamps but their footprint is much smaller), and we’re enjoying the new bulk order bags…it’s the little things.
  • We’re still not in the space yet but we’re hoping it will be this weekend – we might try and woo you into a painting party next weekend if all goes well to round out J’s birthday week…pizza, beer, low VOC painting…
  • And speaking of, we have a bunch of fun adventures lined up this week for said B-day: a leaf-peeping train ride, apple day at MOFGA, maybe a Grateful Dead cover band?, a day in Portland to visit a few of our favorite places…I hope it doesn’t rain.
  • We’ll hopefully have a good day or two still to putting the garden to bed, planting the garlic, and gathering many last seeds to tuck away for seed swaps and spring plantings (I’ve been gathering so many! I can’t wait to host a swap in the store in Jan or Feb!).
  • Meanwhile, we’ve finally convinced the steadfast New Englander of the house to let us partial-flatlanders have a fire – the woodstove is toasting away the morning fog and chill (the dog is in his glory).

It’s good for all of us to enjoy a little extra warmth!

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creative life-learner

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