Rock Bottom Tuesday: Swift Change

This season is sweeping in on a gust of cool wind. Though we get a warmer reprieve in the next couple of days (just enough to tidy up the gardens, get the wood crib cleaned out, and get a painting project done in the driveway – copper coating some tin ceiling for a woodstove backsplash!), the nights have begun with light frosts. My eggplants are unimpressed.

And as the waning rainbow of flowers signals the end of a lovely season, there is much to look forward to – like the store space! We are finishing up the bureacratic touches and will soon be able to get in there and make it our own (paint, buy/build furniture, make bread, add books!). Getting us in preparation for all this marvelousness is this weekends Octoberfest of Gardiner, Maine – the Swine & Stein Brewfest! Come see us – we’ll have snazzy little demi baguettes, try out all the local libations, visit the cute little downtown, it’ll be a blast!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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