Tuesday Happenings

Is it bad I’ve been avoiding the gardens? In my defense, allergies are kicking my butt, my child is teething and losing her last tooth, and the weather has been either oppressive or torrential. I am not complaining about the rain (here – poor Kentucky is another story, my heart goes out to my Appalachians) but it is making weeding difficult. It rains a ton and then sun = an impenetrable wall of bolted lambsquarters and crabgrass. Though, deep in the thicket are a slew of pumpkins, beans, lemon cukes, Prairie Fire and various cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, fennel and flowers. The eggplant plants look amazing but have had little blooms (which means little to no fruits!), the corn is well, maybe some of it is knee-high now, and the Asian greens are either bolting or super flush. Tomatillos and ground cherry are growing nicely, as are the dry bean beds (marfax, cowpea, black bean, and True Red Cranberry vines which I love to grow).

But these weeds!! I designed these nice little companion beds that I can no longer even see! (How does one convince their child to weed without bribery or force?) Oh, Mr. Coleman – my cultivation has been neglected, my heed to your words is suffering. I just need a couple of back-breaking mornings to get a hold on it. We talk a lot about how to mitigate this struggle but most of it involves opportunities we don’t have right now – we could wood chip the paths and mulch the beds better (we aren’t the kind of folk to integrate plastic into our gardens though a hoophouse is a possible consideration…but again, I struggle with the plastic of it) and, of course, once I finish my dissertation I will have more time for the gardens again. But, alas, this year will continue to be a struggle.

Though, hopefully by the time of the Harvest Party – all will be done (enough) and look marvelous for a week or so (ha!). It’s all about the fantasy aesthetic. Until then, tiny increments. Meanwhile, we are looking at a commercial space tomorrow (fingers crossed) so that we can be a little more solid in a couple directions. Let’s see how it all plays out.

This past weekend for our holiday (Happy Mid-Summer!), we went to the Colby College Art Museum Community Day (to check out the Andrew Wyeth drawings, the amazing new photography collection, and some old favorites – though the new Alex Katz exhibit doesn’t open until 8/16) and the Maine Grain Alliance Bread Fair (where J just spent the previous days at the corresponding Kneading Conference where he learned good stuffs). It was a lovely day had by all! We have no more public events scheduled so we will work toward our own – the Harvest Party, Family Camping, and a couple of beach days!

Enjoy yourself (it’s later than you think)!

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