Homestead Tuesday: thank goodness for fermentation…

The other day we had several things going on in the Rock Bottom/Stone Broke Bakery kitchen: bubbling yeasted Blackberry and Cranberry Soda in the carboy, foraged greens gurgling in the Kimchi crock, Dandelion wine fermenting in other crock, Daisy Pesto being made on the island, and the Sourdough Starter being fed so she could grow and grow in time for baking day! It was a plethora of food doings.

Meanwhile we talked of reinvigorating the (shhhhh) Secret Pickle Club, new bread shapes and flavors, garden plans (my vast wasteland of sticks and strings right now – though I did manage to put in the Glass Gem Corn, Sunflowers and a Milkweed patch, Purple Barley, and Midnight Black Beans – while the lovely peas are still growing on their webwork of trellis. Josh has been working so hard to expand the garden and take care of mass gobs of sod and put up new fencing), and plan for a visitation from lovely friends (where we, of course, cooked some meat over the fire – ha! as they were gracious enough to bring beer, cheese, and a scrumptious Blueberry Pie and cookies!).

By next week we are hoping to have much of the rest of the garden in (flowers, seeding, vegetables, and fruit) and perhaps end No Mow May with a good grasscut around here (it’s getting hard to walk in some lush spots!). Then we can start to work on the new herb garden in the little area we call La Petite Jardin, hopefully soon to be a new expanded relaxation and outdoor kitchen space (with an outdoor bread oven!). Fermenting Summer dreams.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

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