Tuesday Happenings

Soft Spring steps get us closer to warmer weather days (today’s likely last Nor’easter, notwithstanding; we’re hoping those deeper in much wellness and safety). The pussy willows have bloomed and the buds on the forsythia and honeysuckle are swelling – the grass is greening up! I can see the bee balm creeping across the whole front garden (fine by me! but interspersed with peony and orange day lily shoots and unfurling hollyhock leaves – I love my black hollyhocks) and patches of early cleavers spreading in corners of the yard.

I’ve managed to get the peas and sweet peas in and the garlic is shooting up nicely in their bed. We’re not doing potatoes this year (which makes me a little sad but our beds need a potato break) but we are putting in a couple of sizeable patches of purple and black barley which we are excited about. The greenhouse babies are exploding – I’m trying to keep up but eventually I run out of room and 2 out of 3 coldframes failed this Winter so my extension spaces are limited. I’ve likely planted more than I need so hopefully we can share with others who might have the same sort of sense of humor I have when buying seeds (ha! yes, I did buy all purple plants at one point, and quite the variety of medicinal herbs that take a couple of seasons to come to fruition).

The last of the syrup is finished (yay, Josh!) and the chickens are being tractored around the garden (due to the rash of avian flu right now, my poor free range girls have to be a bit contained). The crocuses are popping up all over and the daffodils and tulips are trying (on the other side of the street they are bright yellow sunshines but they will take a bit longer here). D is making nature treks almost every day right now to collect mica, wintergreen, and various faerie house making supplies. It’s a lovely soft step into Spring!

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