Recipe Thursday: A Rock Bottom Recipe Book in the making

As we return to the focus on the homestead of connecting with ourselves, the land, and our community, we realized that the recipes on this blog should not only be about the foods we eat and love here at Rock Bottom, but also as an offering to you. To those of you who graciously buy our bread and foodstuffs, supporting new and local business ventures, and help grow a sharing community – we offer this start. This series of forthcoming recipes are geared toward utilizing the goods we share, which means right now – mostly bread. Bread, in all its glory – fresh, flavored, leftover, frozen – so many uses and resuses.

Soon, we may be able to offer some of our initial goods that some folks were lucky enough to try before our business model changed (and it will take some doing to get back to those goods, but we are working on it!) – home made pasta, vegan kimchi, fresh ricotta, secret pickle club, Rock Bottom jams, pizza dough, preserved lemons, maple syrup, foraged and herbal garden tisanes…with hopefully some new forays into more cheese making, wellness goods such as bath soaks and face masks (along with goods from our creative friends like lotions, soaps, medicinals, and knits!), liquid refreshments (such as flower syrups and bitters, cider, and flower wines), and flowers!

But for now – we dream of sourdough bread. The classic Panem Domus, the Honey Oat and Cinnamon Raisin loaves, more slicing breads such as our soft White and Rye Sandwich, along with the denser Parmesan and Rye hearth breads, the Semolina Batard (and soon his heartier cousin, the Polenta Green Chili), the pretzely Braeds, the beery Wallop, and the Seedy boule – which all welcome the newer Roasted Garlic loaf and the current trials of the savory but sweet chocolate bread (where I have to say, I am enjoying the trials very much) along with our quick Flatbreads and flavored sourdough Crackers – these all will be availed to you with serving ideas. (If you are in the Portland to Augusta, Maine area and are salivating – check out how to become a member of Stone Broke Bread‘s community supported bread shares!)

So, keep your eyes out for some refashioning of the famous Arrows savory bread pudding, Josh’s infamous bread salad, an amazing Moosewood inspired cabbage stew, and other amazing bread soups, as well as breadcrumbs and croutons, sandwich meals, and starters, clever presentations and homey concoctions – fire toasted bread with honey and goat cheese, wine soaked bread as pie crust, eggs in a basket, and crispy buttery crumbs on ice cream. Lots of ideas from simple reminders and classic favorites to artistically inspired creations.

Let us dream of bread together.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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