Duendesday: Victorian Farm Dreams

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old}

She’s been obsessed with the British ‘Farm’ series (Tudor Monastery Farm, Edwardian, Wartime, and Victorian Farm with a couple of extras) of a semi-fluctuating threesome (one is a historian joined by one or two different archaeologists) who move into appropriate time frame farms that are still maintained by estates or trusts and live as folks did during that time. It’s not quite a documentary but not a reality series either – it’s educational and enjoyable. And Duende is in love.

She very much loves watching the processes – she’s particularly interested in animal birthing and milking, Victorian and Edwardian dress, and things like the wattle fencing. It’s this latter project that has caught her eye for some Spring adventure. She’s considering replacing our failing pallet fencing (which has been lovely and worked very well for a few years now but alas, as all things…) around the main garden and since we have so many young trees, such as cherry and birch and poplar, that grow like weeds in places we don’t need – there is much fodder for her project.

Duende has been trimming and getting back into her own little vegetable garden, as well. She is excited to expand her little beds into one for a ‘Three-Sisters’ plan (corn, squash, beans) with other seeds she has set aside (now where did I put that sacred little bundle of seed packets?!). She raked the beds the other day and put up her delicate metal fencing (a mere suggestion to the chickens to stay out) around it – it’s likely she will try and make nests and wytch brooms from the dried grasses she’s trimmed, or maybe even mix with mud for some random constructions. Once she’s outside, she’s engaged. Here’s to earthly engagements!

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