Tuesday Happenings

It’s been a bit since we’ve had anything happening that was worth talking about! It’s been a wonky Summer – tentative visitations and stepping gingerly out into the world. I feel a bit like Punxsutawney Phil, though I have to tell you, I think there may be 6 more weeks of Winter: I’m going back in. This year seems a lot harder than last year (and we should be so lucky for that).

So – what’s happening? Well, right now – Josh is at the virtual Kneading Conference sponsored by Maine Grains. The end of the conference generally finishes out at the Bread Fair at the Skowhegan – we’ve been going for years (not last year, obviously, and likely not again this year) and it’s a nice little fair. A couple of food trucks, some kid activities, a little bit of live music – and then a mall (that gets bigger every year) of bread like things to buy – everything from amazing handwoven baskets and art cards to small millers and farmers selling their own heritage wheats. There has generally been an ‘inside’ and an ‘outside’: many of the bread bakers (Borealis, and of course Maine Grains and their brilliant wares), and some well known Maine brands like Gryffon Ridge spices and Casco Bay Creamery (our favorite gals!), as well as more crafts like handsewn aprons, maple goods, carved spoons, etc. It’s a nice and easy day for us. I’m sad we probably won’t go this year – we’re just not ready for bigger people groups.

It is likely we will also miss the Cumberland County Fair and the much loved Common Ground Fair (sponsored by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association/ MOFGA) this year. Last year there were many ways to participate because it wasn’t happening in person but so far, there aren’t any virtual workshops being advertised.

However, not all is lost for adventure – we are planning a small Harvest Party (hopefully with another deep-fried pig’s head, that was crazy, decadent, and amazing!) and since it’s looking to be a decent apple year (and blackberry, and grape!) we’ll pull out the wooden press for cidering. And a couple of weeks before that, a little camping trip with close (but not too physically close) friends at our favorite place: Grafton Notch Campground (Mo is awesome, the place is so clean and well kept and there are such nice quick trips for kids nearby).

And I was graciously invited to speak at the Good Life Center (the historic home of Scott & Helen Nearing) in Harborside, ME. It was a lovely gathering of about 15 or so folks who hauled their cookies way down in east to see me talk about ‘Bread Philosophy’. A lovely friend & her family put me up in her amazing art studio and we lunched with other friends in the area at their peacefully lush home – it was a weekend of rich conversation and much care. I’ll take more weekends like that, thank you.

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