Tuesday Happenings

Thick breezes blowing hot air around there – focusing on inside things where it’s a bit cooler. The child is making a lot of arty bits today at our new giant art table that Josh customized for us (paper roll on the end, shelves for her at one end with fancy organizing boxes, the same for me at the other end, thin pocket pencil drawers for us on either side and plenty of room under it for our stools and art carts – it’s really a dreamy table to go with our dreamy studio). I should be making student calls and finalizing the garden to-do list but instead I’m battling allergies and feeling off-kilter. I went for a wander in our overgrown (& what feels like a rainforest) lawn to see how the wild roses were blooming and found so much more. So many lovely birds right now outside my window at the feeder (right now a bright Mr. Cardinal having words with the Catbird that lives in a bush nearby) – and bees, and dragonflies, and butterflies – a Great Blue Heron just flew overhead!

May you enjoy some nature love.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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