Tuesday Happenings

The weather has truly been co-operative and lovely lately. A real full Spring, which is rare around these parts; generally we have a lot of rain and maybe still some snow and the last frost is no joke. And because things are a little different, we might struggle later on (if we don’t get our water tables up! but then again, if the ticks don’t recede, etc) but right now is quite the sweet spot. Dandelions everywhere, the Apple Blossoms are about to burst, there are swelling buds on the Grapes, and the Garlic is looking fine. We somehow even managed (well, not I; the man and child did all the work) to weed and mulch the Strawberry boxes and plant a slew of goodies. I went a little crazy this Winter (who didn’t?!) and ordered all kinds of things so more goodies are sure to arrive (shade plants like Amber Coral Bells, cottage flowers, and Ramps!) and then there are all the lovely seedlings I’m growing (late, but strong). As a last minute party favor, Duende and I went to the local greenhouse in Winthrop and bought a bunch of porch flowers just to invite more Spring to stay.

What’s on the agenda for this week? The reality is with all this Spring and interruption via sickness, I have to get back to dissertation work (I have a lecture scheduled at The Good Life Center in Harborside, ME in July) but I am deliberating doing a new batch of Dandelion Wine and maybe some Violet and Forsythia Syrups. There is a classic (ish) Kimchi in the crock now, but I want to get a foraged batch up soon. And it’s pickle week so new pickles will go up – Parsnips, Fiddleheads, and little Japanese Turnips (we like a creative and fun pickle ’round here!). Later this week Duende has a Cabot Cooking Class and maybe a friend visitation. Meanwhile, Josh has been taking a MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) class with orchardist Michael Phillips and learning a lot to upgrade our orchard game. He will also participate in the Maine Grain Alliance’s Kneading Conference which ends with the annual Skowhegan Bread Fair (which we’ve been going to for the last couple of years sans 2020, this year July 31st). Lots of professional upgrades and interests this year.

May your Spring be easy and encouraging.

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