Tuesday Sunshine Happenings

There is a hustle and bustle in the air – even though Last Frost isn’t until the second week for us here in mid-Maine, we can tell that the attitude of the weather has changed. I should be getting my peas in (well, really I should have put them in a couple of weeks ago but if I got them in now I would still be earlier than in some other years when there was still feet of snow on the ground). The grass is greening up, the Forsythia and Azalea is starting to bloom, and a few Daffodils (on the north side of the hill, ours come up a little slower than our south facing neighbors) are opening their sunny faces – Duende took all the flower pictures this week.

The Phoebe nest on the backside of the garage is almost finished, as is the cute little cup nest in the Alder on the trail, and someone is building something in the Rose at the Sundial garden. ‘They’ say there will be high insect populations this year so I am hoping that at least increases the lovely birdwatching abilities. We’re busy coming up with extra care for the baby fruit trees to manage another possible drought (wood chips, red clover, hemp insulation, etc.). We still have a few trees coming (shipping from Fedco) – Apples, Pears, Elderberry, White Raspberry and many shade plants and cottage garden flowers.

Josh has ‘dialed in’ his Rye Boules and the Sourdough breads (Boules and Baguettes) have benefitted from his new tips (they are so lovely). Though we are running out of ‘standard pickles’ – there are still plenty of non-cuke friends (Turnips, Yellow Squash, Spicy Carrots, Brussels, etc). I love watching him work the bread – he really loves it and it shows. His technique works well with his “loving the loaves” song that is coming from his face right now – ha! Soon, his energy will shift from the renovation of the studio to the outdoor bread oven.

And, while cleaning out the attic (which still, like our house, has many items from the previous owners) – we found this charming Mrs. Butterworth bottle with a handmade doll’s dress. Whenever I see her I exclaim, “Mrs. Butterworth – you are a vision!”. She’s my new kitchen totem.

May your hustle and bustle be manageable and enjoyable!

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