On a Tuesday

I do love to grow things. As much as my body doesn’t always enjoy it, I like to rake and turn the earth a bit just to smell the deep musky life brewing in there. With the warm sun and things greening up, it’s a joy to be out there. Buds on trees, birds mating and chipping around. And the crazy peepers – they get so loud in the evening! And inside, the little seedlings getting stronger and taller. Everyday I make sure to plant something new, this time of year.

But I also love to forage – there is something about walking out your door and finding forgotten things to eat that appeals to me. Makes me think that the world is out there looking out for us (but sad that we choose most times not to see it) and all of its inhabitants. Right now there are daylily shoots, baby dandelion and daisy greens, emerging cleavers evening primrose leaves and bergamot buds. I will wait just a little bit longer for everyone to strengthen up before I harvest for a foraged kimchi. I like violet leaves and forsythia flowers to add to it, as well as maybe ramps and fiddleheads (though not everyone is partial to the latter 2 New England classics, they are scrumptious for pickling). Along with cultivated (or are they now naturalized as they reseed themselves and take over swathes of the garden) baby radish and then early radish seed pods.

It’s time for a Spring walk to see what we can find – may your interactions with the world be just as joyful and intimate!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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