Tuesday Happens

A relatively quiet moment happens here on the homestead; we don’t always know what to do with it. It’s not as if we don’t have things to do – there is always so much to do, but sometimes the stars don’t align for many projekts and we are standing around not sure how to progress. For one, we are waiting on materials to continue the studio upgrade (we did decide to take it all down to the lathe, and the subfloor, and the ceiling beams and start over) which also puts any sort of organization of the library/dining room on hold. Two, with only one of us making food goods for the people we’ve had to cut down on some deliveries and specials. Three, the weather has been all over the map and we me just coming out of the fog, it’s been impossible to get the seedling shelves and clean the front porch/makeshift greenhouse up to speed (it’s become a bit of a stash closet over the Winter, too). All somewhat cumbersome projekts relying on mostly powers out of our control.

In other news, it is almost technically Spring (otherwise known as Mud Season, here in New England). Hopefully we’ll be boiling sap (even though the weather hasn’t helped with that either, we should’ve boiled earlier this year, we’d be done by now like last year – but with both of us out of commission at varying times, this was the only time to do it – let’s all cross our fingers for an extended sap run!), and having a nice New England Boiled Dinner for Saturday. I also have an exciting lecture to attend and help host: (Andreas Weber, biologist and philosopher – contact me if you are interested, it is a free public lecture but you must register). And hopefully we can get our Seasonal Woods Walk in at some point (it will be a big physical push for me!) and our annual egg hunt for the Big D (for which we have not yet prepared for, and honestly I forgot about until she just reminded me). I hope that I will be able to be more productive going forward, I’ve so much to do but I am patient that what needs to happen will.

With this Spring may we all get to find our way at our own pace.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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