Tuesday at Rock Bottom Homestead

  • Getting together the Tuesday delivery. It’s a very windy, very cold one today. Hopefully these baguettes and oat breads and secret pickles will keep you all warm.
  • We’ve pushed pasta week a bit until I am more recovered. I am out of bed for half-days but barely up to speed (#don’tgetshingles). We’ll keep you posted.
  • Maple tapping has begun and the taps are just starting to flow. We put in 100 taps this year (25 up from last year), and we are considering doing a Birch sugaring right after Maple Season. Come on up for a day outside boiling, hiking, and maybe some sledding starting next weekend! (Give us a heads up and I’ll cook a warmy vat of something to keep you toasty in the sugar shack).
  • Pruning to be done soon – apple trees, blackberries, etc. Makes a great companion to the boiling season. Any gnarly wood goes right into the fire.
  • Glorious seed/tree/plant catalogs are coming in the mail making me drool out of our price range this year. But those pictures are pretty!
  • The chickens are still laying regularly; we picked a good batch this year, lay naturally right through the Winter. And we’re still at 15 gals (lost one to an amateur hawk last Fall), they seem to be holding up through the snow covered hill and crazy winds.
  • Soon seedlings will be making their way into our living room; we’ll pull the seedling shelves (fit with lights and heat mats) in here and start some flower and vegetable babies. I organized my hanging basket plants, perennials/annuals, and garden veg.

Spring countdown, technically 18 more days!

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