’round the homestead on a Tuesday

New things:

  • Soft Rye Bread, Oatmeal Loaf Breads, and trial Seedy Bread
  • Seeds and trees have been ordered (too many of the first, and not so many of the latter), tons of flowers and ornamentals (selling hanging baskets this year!)
  • Soon to be tree-pruning and maple-sugaring time
  • New floors throughout (mostly) – because all of our floors are soft and a bit scary, if you ask me, and riddled with splinters (we are so tired of splinters)
  • The new ‘Wellness’ line of goods coming in February: Herbal Teas, Bath Soaks, Face Masks – developing goodies is so much fun!

Ongoing things:

  • Pasta-making (for this next batch: Roasted Winter Squash and Thyme Gnocchi, Ricotta Gnudi, Red Beet Farfalle)
  • Bagels, Rolls, Breads, etc and the Secret Pickle Club are selling nicely
  • Classic Kimchi will be refreshed with a new batch soon (and then in late Spring – Forager’s Kimchi again – yay!!)
  • Liberally ‘Vaseline-ing’ the chicken combs to save them from the sudden drop in temperatures (frostbite preventative, and a good spray antibiotic for when they still get small wounds), also finding them more ‘space’ when it snows (using the chicken tractor/covered with tarps when it snows so there is another ‘clean spot’)
  • Homeskooling: Spanish lessons, book reports, cooking & baking (Jamie Oliver is really helping out with this one – the 5 Ingredient book is perfect for the kid!), geography and social studies, plant identification (with hiking and foraging), cat health, and her witchery, plus puzzle making and game-playing (favorites this week are Evolution and Dread Pirate)
  • I’m working with international (and national) artists on a ‘plant’ collaboration projekt

Future things:

  • Mid-Winter celebrations in 2 weeks (much different this year – our favorite ‘Scotch-tasting’ gathering cancelled, our engagements nil though our libations are getting more creative), we will be also be celebrating one year as a full-time homestead!
  • Making proper plans for an outdoor kitchen, resplendent with a Bread Oven!
  • Cleaning out the front porch again to use as a makeshift greenhouse – it is cut off from heat (and insulation and even proper windows) so it will function as a daytime space in another month or so, and then more as a greenhouse in April/May. We have dreams of making it more functional
  • Also, designs of Spring Foraging ‘Woodwalks’; introductory workshops to foraging/plant identification/land management.

Great things! – Stay Cozy.

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creative life-learner

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