Tuesday Happenings

What goes in to all the marvelous things we do around here on the microscale? It’s all in the details. From the carefully planned baking schedule, to the counting (and cleaning a bit, especially in Winter) of eggs, the making of fresh Ricotta cheese, and the new labeling and packing of orders – we take the time to individually consider our lovely patrons. The pandemic has certainly presented some challenges but so far (fingers crossed) it has made us think more about how we can best help you to get healthy, homey food to you and yours.

It’s funny because many folks we know highly recommend or have advice on our growth ‘as a business’ and that’s nice for people to think we are doing something ambitious and worthy enough to share. But for us, any kind of growth needs to be incremental and of our own enjoyment, as well. We’re not looking to be a regular business, per se, but remain in the lower registers of the Cottage industry – that is to say, we really enjoy baking and making goodies for a small community. Not only does it remain ‘doable’ for 2.5 of us, but then we can still consider each and every one of our customers individually. We have grown to the point where we don’t know everyone just yet – some are friends or family of friends but I still like to think that if you are in the Rock Bottom ‘Club’ that when we resume our gatherings, you will be welcome among them.

Somedays I dream about buying the abandoned property across the street and turning it into a commercial kitchen/farm shop/community space for crafts and coffee (and tea! and wine!) but I’m not sure if we can make that happen. Somedays I can’t even figure out how to manage what we have – ha! let alone add to it. I think it is good to have amazing grand dreams, then big but maybe possible dreams, then things we actually figure out how to do. It’s always good to have a little reach.

Today I am a little under-the-weather. I’ve a pot of Red Clover, Calendula, and Chamomile Tea next to me (from my dried stores), a blanket, a sweater, a cat and a dog on me in front of the woodstove making me cozy, Joshua making it all happen (taking care of me, getting the goods together), my child rubbing my neck like a mini goddess, and my community out there waiting for their Tuesday delivery (the house smells like fresh bread). It’s likely (after working for a bit, then probably a nap) I will still be in this spot when my people return from their Portland trip.

May your Tuesday be doable (and hopefully very pleasant or at least cozy).

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creative life-learner

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