Tuesday Happenings

Bread has its own agency, apparently so does our proofing refrigerator, and the weather, and the sourdough starter, and the baker. There are probably more I’m neglecting but the reality is that there are many variables and much of the time, they all co-ordinate into one big happy explosion of delicious baked goods. Sometimes, however, something goes haywire (what an interesting idiom, like the Chewbacca defense?) and there is no sense. The bread is still delicious but overproofed and ‘flatter’, the bagels fail (and turn into lovely bialys), the cheese doesn’t curd as fluffy – there are more trials and tribulations in cottage foods than one could possibly plan for (which is why many feel more comfortable with the factory options – uniformity, strategic success, sterility). But know that everything made here, despite their quirks, is made with love and care and the best ingredients possible.

Innovation and adaptation in a troubling situation is what we should all strive for, no? Especially these days. (I do love bagels but I would not kick a lovely bialy out of bed for not being a bagel! Why are there baked goods in my bed? At least they are not eating crackers!) Our little kitchen practice here is a work in progress, we are fine tuning our processes, our ability to organize, and our desire to share it with you.

And we thank you – for your patronage, for your patience, for your advice, and willingness to be flexible when we are challenged. All of these goodies we make are an extension of our own needs and family – we invite you to our home in this fashion. We’d prefer to make some coffee or pour you a fancy drink, wander around the apple trees or sit by the firepit, and visit with you. But this is the world we live in right now – a quick delivery from our home to yours – and we hope that this gets us all through.

Thank you for the connection ~

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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