Tuesday Happenings

Tuesday 2-Do

  • Put the garden to bed: this year we are going to start a new ‘no-till raised bed’ sort of scenario to build up some good nutrients. We’ll rake all the current (and still emptying beds, need to pull the carrots still, let the calendula finish, leave the late radish blooms for the bees) beds, compost them and then cover them with cardboard or tarp. If we have enough time we may cover crop them with rye, let it grow, mow, then cover with cardboard or tarp. Weed and mulch the strawberries for Winter. With the great local CSA’s (this year we’ve subscribed to Farmer Kev’s and the Andrews Farm – both fantastic) and the Farmer’s Market at Mill Park (Augusta), we are going to focus on the specifics of what we like to grow (dry beans, pumpkins/squash/melons, and a little kitchen garden bed of lettuce/peppers/cherry tom’s, etc). I’m only sad that I am going to take a year off potatoes – our harvest was partially eaten by voles this year so I need to address that (with a lot of castor oil, which will also dissuade the moles that we are also dealing with, getting nematodes – to kill the grubs that they eat) but maybe I’ll grow fingerlings in grow bags.
  • Forage for mushrooms, pick ripe rose hips (for wine, flour, and tea), keep up with ripening juniper berries. Hang and dry late herbs and collect seed. I might be lucky enough to get another batch of cleavers, goldenrod, and yarrow to dry for teas.
  • Plant bulbs – garlic (usually we line garden beds with garlic as a companion plant but this year we will also do a full bed of garlic – we have garlic needs), narcissus, and a few Spring friends like crocus and early Summer little iris, windflower in the orchard.
  • We still have to paint the chicken coop (will help it Winter and make it purty), and fix some garden gates. Cage and mulch the younger fruit trees (elderberry, blueberry bush, hazelnut, apples, cornelian cherry). Duende is voting for a ‘blinding barn red’ while I’m hoping more for a ‘mellow yellow’ (it has a green metal roof), Josh doesn’t really care as long as it gets painted. Until then D has been chalking graffiti and witchy protection spells on it.
  • We put in our Fedco tree order (a couple more apples, pears, elderberry, and medicinal/ornamental/orchard companion like pussy willow, comfrey, boneset, lavender, blue false indigo, perennial hollyhock, purple asparagus, rugosa, beach plums, wormwood, and wild bergamot), but still have to put in the seed order (which will be heavy in flowers and medicinals this year).
  • We’ve updated a logo that we are excited about – low maintenance as a minimum of branding (if you know us, branding is not our thing, and since this is a very lowbrow scenario, we want it to match our ethos). Deliveries have been going nicely and it seems our new order form is catching on. Let us know if you want to be on the list, or know someone who enjoys Cottage foods. Working with Olde Haven Farm has been lovely – do check them out and try their amazing goods (especially the sausages! they have a Facebook, too).
  • Meanwhile, we also have a birthday to prepare for in another week or so- yay, Josh! More dissertation to write. And some new Fall/Winter plans to work on baskets/wreaths, charcuterie/cheese, and blueberry bonsai!

Get to it! May your 2-Do list invigorate you!

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