Tuesday Happenings

This is that rare bit of Summer when there is a bit of room for breathing – we’re just waiting for things to grow (and harvest as they come up, but we’re not a farm so it’s an easy pick). There are projects, of course (always projects) like finishing details on the chicken coop, mowing (which is for sure a project around here!), blackberry picking and jam making, pickle canning and bread baking (all of which now happen in the new stove! It’s amazing and gorgeous – thank you so much for everyone who helped with this piece of ‘hearth’ puzzle – for the other half, see the Rock Bottom Community Hearth Project). It’s all in the details and the minute changes, subtle happenings, if you will.

It’s an alternate year for apples (in commercial orchards this can be minimized but we’re a ‘wild orchard’ of mostly mature ‘volunteers’ and cider apples) so we are planning on collecting ‘unattended’ apples from long lost places to cider this year. If you find you want to be a part of this then find some apples, bring them up and press away! Our press is a handmade hardwood lovely classic style masher with an electric grinder (so you can do both at once, keep it going) – don’t forget a jug! If you can’t find any apples, let us know, we may find many many many and you can come and just be a part of the process! (We can figure it out, having small groups, maybe one family or just a couple of people at a time with distancing, etc). Early apples will begin in just another week or two so keep your eye out.

We are a little sad this year not to be hosting a large Harvest Party in September. Our annual Autumn celebration get-together is generally a super fun affair. Families and friends drift in through the day (we’ve totaled around 80-100 or so people), there is a live music set up scheduled, tons of food that we provide, our friends make the beer. Kids and dogs running rampant, picnics all over the lawn, apple pressing, games like Giant Jenga and Free-range Bocce (this year we were ready with Horseshoes), and lots of property wanderings and tours. One year for a smaller get together we harvested the grapes and fried a whole pig’s head (it was incredible) and friends camped out from Philadelphia. The evenings wind down around the firepit with nightcaps and guitars under the cool stars. We’ll do a small ‘family’ gathering this year – just a few folks, maybe – we’ll see how it feels.

May your days have some respite and planning, dreams and celebrations ~

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