What’s Happening, Tuesday?

Tuesday answers with so many possibilities: bagel, cracker, pizza dough making, lacto-fermented pickles/turnips/beets, blackberry, and carrot jams. We’ll hit the lovely Augusta Farmer’s Market later this afternoon. Maybe some late weeding in the afternoon (always with a bit of weeding, though the strawberries might disagree on the ‘bit’ – I think they are in there somewhere). We had a little rain yesterday morning and the sun is hot and Summery today – the pullets are out and about getting their forage on, and the dragonflies are swooping in great arcs. I have herbs drying in the racks – cleavers, cinquefoil, calendula, red clover, wild bee balm, and will hopefully add some goldenrod, Joe-Pye-Weed, and if I can forage some evening primrose from somewhere (ours is biennial). And I have Fall class teaching preparation and dissertation writing to do – indigenous knowledge, Lynn Margulis, and Scott Nearing on my plate for the latter right now. Josh is perfecting some biochar and charcoal making projects.

We’re getting geared up to begin the next project – the starting bits on the Rock Bottom Homestead Community Hearth: finding placement, materials, and begin construction of an outdoors bread oven. We are really excited by this endeavor – as a component of building new communities and connections, in food and fermentation, in care and consideration – this is a big moment for our homestead to branch out as new growth. Please join us in this endeavor – any assistance is appreciated; we’re all just doing what we can.

IMG-6488 (2)

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