Tuesday 2-Do’s

  • Final touches on the chicken tractor and the chicken coop
  • Blackberry picking has begun! Jam and Syrups soon to be available.
  • New Items to Order: Braided (pretzel type) Bread, Garlic Pizza Dough, and soon Rye Bread and Sourdough Flatbreads, and Pickles!
  • Red Clover Wine is fermenting away, considering Goldenrod in the next batch.
  • Fall Teas are drying nicely; medicinal, delicious, small batch combos – chamomile, cleavers, calendula, the ever important and lovely red clover, goldenrod, yarrow, cinquefoil, raspberry leaf, bee balm, mullein – soon echinacea, primrose flower, lemon balm, hyssop…
  • Pulled fingerling potatoes, garlic, and white onions yesterday – good haul!
  • Seed saving has begun – pansies and false indigo, calendula is up next
  • In the house we are getting ready to put in a new kitchen/dining floor of wide white pine (stained grey with tea and vinegar)
  • Getting ready for a new stove that will better the baking and living (goodbye my darling 1955 Philco – you are adorable and strong, just not strong enough for our homestead)
  • Redesigning the laundry room into a pantry and the linen closet into the laundry
  • Rebuilding the library collection (between all our moving and shaking through the years, we have downsized so many times we have major gaps that we must remedy) – we get 2 books a month toward this endeavor – so far: James Baldwin (No Name in the Street), Ray Bradbury (The Illustrated Man), Mahasweta Devi (The Queen of Jhansi), Henry Miller (Tropic of Cancer)…though we did just splurge and get a good stack for the homestead and for school & work, too (books on fermentation, biochar, ecology, philosophy, etc)
  • We have a fantasy we will make it to a Bread & Puppet show or circus since they are making it safe and sound for audience members (and right now politically, it’s bound to be dynamite!) but we shall see, so many things to negotiate in order to make that trek.
  • And a research trek to be planned to the Good Life Center to visit the Nearing library.

Much to do, much to do – Happy Sturgeon, Green Corn, Wheat Harvest, Blueberry Moon!

Quadruple Berry Pie

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creative life-learner

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