Happenings: Seedling Sale!!

This Friday and Saturday (June 5 and 6, roughly 10am – 6pm) at the Homestead we are setting out seedlings for sale. It can be a no contact- country drive – side of the road sale – for you. Or you can let us know you are coming and we can set aside some goodies. But we will be setting up seedling tables in the drive (you can park on the side of the road or across the street at the abandoned house or at Fuller’s Market) and honor jars. We’ll be milling about doing outside work if you have questions but also, feel free to roam the property and check out the work we’ve been doing – get some fresh air, take a hike on our wooded path, as well. PLANTS AND BABY CHICKS!! See? Now you want to come right up and hang out 6 ft away from us around the fire pit – ha! – CORRECTION: alas, we’ve been informed that our baby chicks will not come until next week. But we’d still love to see you!

Seedlings will be in varied pots with varied prices depending on their age/size/root needs (some roots don’t like a lot of disturbance) – cukes, summer squash, winter squash, melons, peppers, some tomatoes (a few heirlooms had to be restarted), herbs, flowers, etc. There will also be seed collections for sale (let me know if you specifically want anything, otherwise I will just have a smattering of options) including the new Succession Seed Collection (resplendent with beets, carrots, peas, kale, etc for late Summer planting to give you another boost into Fall).

Otherwise, we’ve been putting up some seasonal favorites – soon to be for sale (some we’ll sell now and some we’ll make you wait until Winter, to make sure you get some nutrition then, too) – like Rhubarb Jam, Fiddlehead Pickles, Foraged Kimchi (with milkweed, violet leaf, yellow dock, red clover, dandelion, and wild lettuce stalk), Honeysuckle, Dandelion, and Lilac jelly and syrups, and making some ‘later date’ aged bits like cheddar cheese. We’ve also been building some new beds, cleaning up old beds, and making general improvements. It’s quite lovely up here lately.

We hope you are well, and safe, and sane – and we hope to see you later this week (email us directly or leave a comment below for direction or address information). Happy Growing!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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