Tuesday Happenings

What is happening on this little plot of land? Mostly, our list of things to get done outpaces our getting things actually done but such is this life. I’m getting excited about setting up some Dandelion Wine, Flower Syrups, and Foraged Kimchi. I’m getting seedlings ready for sale and ready to plant. Josh is building a cold-frame, cleaning out and shaping the blackberry rows, and trying to edge closer to the creek. We’re hoping to clean out the seasonal swamp it creates and make it an enjoyable babbling brook (doesn’t it seem more charming to have a little place for frogs and toads to visit than a mosquito cesspool?), I envision little waterside irises and a bench and a bridge, maybe water lillies…with a backdrop of ferns and maples. Dreamy. I wanted to put some gingko’s out there as a sweet little canopy but Josh got it into his head that they are ‘stinknuts’ and is less fond of the idea. My homestead dreams want ducks, too, but I hear they are stinknuts in themselves…hmmm…

But things are blooming nicely here – always a little later on our northside but blooming nonetheless. We’re trying out narcissus and garlic bulbs throughout the orchard as companion plants to ward off foes and invite friends. Their little yellow faces are starting to appear at the same time the tips of the apple flower buds are pinking up! The bees have already arrived for the azalea, dandelion, and creeping charlie. And the garden churns up the midges, and the foraging delivers the ticks (my biggest foe). Let the bug battle begin!

Big D has taken her hand at yard photography this week, and you will be entertained. I think soon we will start doing Black & White film photography & developing together. She’ll love it, I’m sure.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day – my people made me waffles with our new classic waffle maker (thank you JB!), and new apothecary shelves made from the drawers we took out of the laundry room – so cool! And fits perfect! ❤

This week expect seedlings and some healthy plants (some tomatoe and zucchini took off like gangbusters!) for sale, but there are still plenty of seed packet gardens, too. You still have time to plant! I hope you like the spicy kimchi, another varied batch will go in this week. Keep your eye out for the foraged variety. Happy Mid-May!

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