Birthday Dinner: Tuna Shish Kabob

There’s a birthday at Rock Bottom Homestead today! Mine!! Yay Me!

What is planned? Well, it’s a lovely (though cool) day – we have more peas to get in (they’ve already been soaked in coffee so they need to go in pronto) and the planting onions are in the fridge so they need to go in ASAP, too. I’m busy planning who they will bed with to make the most of everyone’s growth. I am a nerd for companion planting – so, in they will go to the carrot and tomato bed, some in the chamomile and cabbage bed and if I still have some left they can line the corn patch (but they will stay away from the beans, peas, and potatoes). The new peas that have to go in will go by the heat pump cover and then snow peas by the new kitchen garden. Then the new clothesline can go up!

Along with this will be a lovely sunshine walk, and I hear maple cake and ahi shish kabobs on the grill (the ‘shish, not the cake) for later! The morning started with french toast (my favorite) on homemade honey bread and bacon and VT coffee…maybe a silly movie tonite (I’m thinking of torturing Joshua with the 1980’s classic ‘Cat People’ on VHS – ha! Though with shish kabobs, I wish we had ‘Edward Scissorhands’).

I’m in love with Rob Brezsny’s horoscopes, news, and other observations/writings/poetry. If you haven’t checked him out, please do –, he’s a fellow Goddard alum. His workbook ‘Pronoia’ is amazing – I highly recommend it for the kooky and magickally minded, especially in this time of uncertainty and new world building. And I love his ‘scopes for birthday support, too, as I get older better, he is encouraging and inspiring.

Everything here is optional and ‘substitutable’ – use what you like, but make sure they are cut approximately all the same size.

Ahi Shish Kabobs

Serves plenty for 4-6

Skewers (a good guesstimate at how many you want, if wooden, soak for a few hours in a sheet pan of water and a splash of lemon juice)

1.5 pounds Ahi Tuna steaks (if frozen, thaw beforehand), cut into 1 – 2″ chunks depending on thickness  of tuna
2-3 Lg onions, cut into quarters
2-3 Mixed Bell Peppers, seeded cut into 1/2 – 1″ chunks
1 pound Crimini or Button Mushrooms, cut big ones in half
3 Small to Medium Summer Squash, cut into 1/2 – 1″ chunks

Marinade & Dressing:
2/3 cup Olive Oil
1/3 cup Rice Wine Vinegar (or Lemon juice, if you prefer)
1 tsp Dried Thyme, (or fresh herb), crushed between fingers to bring out flavor/oil
pinch of dried Saffron, crushed between fingers
Sea Salt & Black Pepper

If on the grill, prepare grill. If in oven, preheat broiler and use ‘broil pan’.

Meanwhile, mix marinade/dressing – shake/blend vigorously until emulsified (we use a mason jar), Salt & Pepper to taste. Then mix with chopped veg and tuna. Let sit for at least 10-20 min. Skewer tuna and veg in whatever lovely order you prefer, saving marinade for basting. However, packing the skewers a little tight might help the tuna cook at the same rate as the veg, or if you are able to cut the tuna a little bigger.

These don’t cook long – keep an eye on them. Maybe 10 min or so – you want a little char on the outside but the veggies cooked. The ahi will cook faster so plan accordingly (and depends on how you like it, we like a little char on the outside and pink but warm on the inside), feel free to baste at least once during and then once more right before the end (but not after cooking if you are concerned about the raw fish in the marinade).

Serve with jasmine rice (we’ll have the rice cooker on before we start the marinade and the chopping). And let’s pretend we are all sitting outside together eating this at a picnic table under the apple trees in the sunshine!! Slainte!



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