Incremental happenings – one tiny step at a time!

  •  Thanks to our beautiful and brilliant community of friends, family, and subscribers – we are slowly getting up to speed. Deliveries are starting to re-happen to the Portland area, which is great! Bready bits, kimchi, seed packets, jams & syrup – fantastic! I’m glad we can help provide healthy food full of love to you!
  •  Now that the snow (again and finally?) has melted, moves toward a Farmstand are happening again. I can’t wait! In celebration (though really, just out of love and support for them) we’re going shopping to other Farmstands tomorrow – The Milkhouse, this lovely Mennonite (maybe?) farmstand who makes butter, cookies, pies, slicing bread, and a neighbor selling chicken and duck eggs. Spending as local as possible (and staying out of the stores, if we can help it!).
  •  Seedlings are growing strong and happy – many Heirloom (full size and cherry) tomatoes, Orange and ‘Chocolate’ bell peppers, Hot peppers, White, Green, Rosa Bianca and Rosita eggplants, Yellow watermelons, Honeydew, and Blacktail Watermelons, Thyme, Borage, Marjoram, Calendula, Sage, Oregano, Celery (my first time growing!), Johnny Jump-ups, Phlox, English cukes,  Lemon cukes, Red and Green Cabbage, Purple and White Cauliflower, and the hard squashes are awaiting germination (Hubbards, Acorn, Spaghetti squashes, White, Orange, and Mini pumpkins) – and we do ‘milkjug’ batches of things that don’t like their roots manipulated too much and that we want in ‘clumps’ like other herbs, wildflowers, lavender, rue, echinacea, etc. We will keep you posted as they become ready, next month!
  •  Apparently it’s ‘National Letter Writing Month’ which couldn’t come at a better time (for the mail service and our caring connections – our mail service folk would be better served by our human to human connections-while risking theirs- than by our need for commercial goods that we probably don’t need…) since I am starting an Art Mail Projekt. A few years ago our friend Matt started one that was a lot of fun – sign up with your mailing address at rockbottommaine@gmail.com and I will pair you with another address where you can send a bit of random arty love – an art card, a photograph, a work of art, textile gift, recipe – it’s really up to you. Just connect with a human being you don’t know but wish them wellness and sanity and humanity. Everyone who signs up will get random arty love from someone else and Rock Bottom Homestead. Mail On!


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