Though the world is a little crazy – some have more time than they know what to do with and some have less, as they juggle (and worry) more. Yes, it’s true, our upheaval has been a little less but we’re no less worried (sometimes more from the panic and the increase in gun sales) and eeking out a living on your own is no small matter (or always easy, or sane, or as dependable as you may think). Even less so in a world when contact/delivery is suspended and we will not qualify for any assistance. We rely on your patronage (and friendship in many cases), generosity, and community – now more than ever. So, hopefully, we can figure out how to get the goods to you, how to create more avenues for communal activity, and how to take care of ourselves (all of us, no matter the circumstances, in whatever capacity we are able). Now is a great time for your input – what goods are you finding you would prefer to buy local, from us? And is a general meeting place/ market spot attractive for pick up?

So, what is new in this age of uncertainty? We’re pretty busy here, still mostly bread, seedlings, and maple (lovely variation over the boil time). There’s a delicious pink Kimchi calling you…The Spring snow last night paused any inklings we might have had to begin preparing gardens but that work is coming up fast. Many projekts on the house have been put on hold (due to finances and delivery suspensions for the supplies). We’re getting by learning about grafting techniques, medicinal barks and roots, and experimenting with things like bread recipes (maybe bagels!) and seed-starting tweaks. Chickens come early June (and still we have no coop!). We are considering submitting grant requests for natural ash-borer and longhorn beetle solutions for tree health (before the sugar maple becomes a dire victim). And we both kinda can’t wait for my school semester to be over so we can do a Spring fast.

We wish you health, safety, and sanity.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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