(from J) Folks, I hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but things are getting a little weird out there. Here at Rock Bottom it is business as usual. Boiling sap, starting seeds, baking bread and doing our best to take it day by day and remember the good things in life. Due to concerns around the coronavirus and more directly, a frankly great sugaring season, I think we have decided to put off deliveries in hopes that things will settle down a bit on all counts.

Ok, onto sweeter things. I have a lovely batch of first-run maple syrup ready to go. Its a beautifully light and delicate batch, closer in viscosity to a simple syrup but with such utterly glorious flavor, almost floral in character but distinctly maple. This is not your grandfather’s pancake syrup (though it is delicious on them too). This is syrup crying out to sweeten cocktails, coffee, yogurt, pastries, you name it. I am continuing to boil and will do a batch of traditional maple syrup, thick and probably dark (because that’s how I like it).

Along with the syrup we will continue to offer our sourdough boules, crackers, and pizza dough, as well as flatbreads (not sourdough), vegan Kimchi, microgreens and other treats. I will send out another update with official quantity, pricing etc. next week as we are still sorting some of that out.

(from R) I think we should start a little farmstand out by the roadside for drive-by bread and sundries. Though we are across from a great little market that gets better day by day, our goods are a little different and can only add to their community bounty.

With all that said, we are wishing you safety, sanity, and deep thinking. The most important thing we can be doing right now is using our little grey cells to understand and make sensible decisions. Using compassion, generosity, and care – we should be able to get through this better than when we went in. Wishing you all love and growth and sweetness.



Published by Rachael M Rollson

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