Monday’s Muse

Earth, You Have Returned to Me BY ELAINE EQUI Can you imagine waking upevery morning on a different planet,each with its own gravity? Slogging, wobbling,wavering. Atiltand out-of-syncwith all that movesand doesn’t. Through years of trialand mostly errordid I study this unsteady way —  changing pills, adjusting the dosage,never settling. A long time we were separate,O Earth,but nowContinue reading “Monday’s Muse”

Muses for a Monday

Ballad of the Moon Moon By Federico Garcia Lorca Moon came to the forgein her petticoat of nardThe boy looks and looksthe boy looks at the MoonIn the turbulent airMoon lifts up her armsshowing — pure and sexy — her beaten-tin breastsRun Moon run Moon MoonIf the gypsies camewhite rings and white necklacesthey would beat from your heartBoy willContinue reading “Muses for a Monday”

Monday’s Solstice Musing

Call her moonchildDancing in the shallows of a riverLonely moonchildDreaming in the shadowOf the willow. Talking to the trees of theCobweb strangeSleeping on the steps of a fountainWaving silver wands to theNight-birds songWaiting for the sun on the mountain. She’s a moonchildGathering the flowers in a garden.Lovely moonchildDrifting in the echoes of the hours. SailingContinue reading “Monday’s Solstice Musing”