Musings for a Monday

What drives our ruralish passions around here at Rock Bottom? Fermentation – let’s face it, some foraged goods and garden goods have a natural sweetness, and some need to be coaxed from their deep earthy goodness. That’s where fermentation comes in – natural yeasts (and sometimes a little added, if necessary), mixed flavors, time =Continue reading “Musings for a Monday”

A Musing for a Lughnasadh Monday

Each and All Little thinks, in the field, yon red-cloaked clown,Of thee from the hill-top looking down;The heifer that lows in the upland farm,Far-heard, lows not thine ear to charm;The sexton, tolling his bell at noon,Deems not that great NapoleonStops his horse, and lists with delight,Whilst his files sweep round yon Alpine height;Nor knowest thouContinue reading “A Musing for a Lughnasadh Monday”

Monday’s Muse

Over hill, over dale,Thorough bush, thorough brier,Over park, over pale,Thorough flood, thorough fire,I do wander everywhere,Swifter than the moon’s sphere;And I serve the fairy queen,To dew her orbs upon the green.The cowslips tall her pensioners be:In their gold coats spots you see;Those be rubies, fairy favours,In those freckles live their savours:I must go seek someContinue reading “Monday’s Muse”

Monday’s (new) 24th poet laureate Muse

Late Summer after a Panic Attack ~ Ada Limón I can’t undress from the pressure of leaves,the lobed edges leaning toward the windowlike an unwanted male gaze on the backside,(they wish to bless and bless and hush).What if I want to go devil instead? Bowdown to the madness that makes me. Droneof the neighbor’s mowing,Continue reading “Monday’s (new) 24th poet laureate Muse”

A Muse for this Monday

Independence ~ Henry David Thoreau My life more civil is and free       ⁠ Than any civil polity. Ye princes, keep your realms⁠  And circumscribèd power,Not wide as are my dreams,⁠ ⁠  Nor rich as is this hour. What can ye give which I have not?
What can ye take which I have got?
⁠ ⁠  
⁠Can ye defendContinue reading “A Muse for this Monday”

Monday’s Muse

Who Said It Was Simple ~ Audre Lorde There are so many roots to the tree of anger   that sometimes the branches shatter   before they bear. Sitting in Nedicksthe women rally before they march   discussing the problematic girls   they hire to make them free.An almost white counterman passes   a waiting brother to serve them first   and the ladies neither notice norContinue reading “Monday’s Muse”

Musings for a Monday

StrawberriesThere were never strawberrieslike the ones we hadthat sultry afternoonsitting on the stepof the open french windowfacing each otheryour knees held in minethe blue plates in our lapsthe strawberries glisteningin the hot sunlightwe dipped them in sugarlooking at each othernot hurrying the feastfor one to comethe empty plateslaid on the stone togetherwith the two forksContinue reading “Musings for a Monday”

A Muse for Monday

Then, too I had trouble with the cookbooks. As I studied the recipes, I discovered the fateful word MEANWHILE. I was supposed to separate eggs, then beat them, MEANWHILE stirring something constantly. I was to melt butter, blend in flour and gradually add milk. MEANWHILE dicing or peeling something, and not forgetting to test theContinue reading “A Muse for Monday”