Duendesday: Moving on up…

{life with a curious and crazy almost 12 yr old}

Child-time is moving too fast for me. I enjoy every stage of the growing but somedays I just wish each stage would last a little longer. I remember thinking when she was a wee babe that each time we had to bounce her to sleep felt like a mini eternity, but now it all feels so fast. Almost 12. At one end, a great age – such a fun age to be with her, but simultaneously – 12! – that’s almost 13! and then small childhood is over and a new era begins (literally with her 3rd cycle, but we’re not quite there yet – whew!).

Duende is amazing. And crazy. And sometimes frustrating. But amazing. And hilarious. And beautiful. And clever. She’s a slob and will always choose the path of least resistance or work, or sweet thing, or the thing you’d rather not…but that’s part of kid-dom. She’s tall! At least, to me, because she was small and now she’s tall. My mind keeps her small even though I know in real life, she’s a being of her own volition.

AND, she’s officially a 7th grader! I know, it’s crazy. She passed her homeschool assessment nicely (I know some of you have doubts that not only can ‘we’ homeschool her effectively, but some of you also just strongly believed children need to be ‘schooled’, I assure you – she is…) and will continue working through the Summer (as a lifelong everyday learner, there are no sessions or breaks). It works nicely that a year of her life is a year of school ‘grade’ since her birthday is at the end of June.

Today she is planning a celebratory break from her ‘sugar’ fast. The Tooth Fairy requested she try a week without sweets and she was very successful (but plans on loading up today) which means she can rent any movie of her choice and we can get in our matching Solstice pajamas, make seaweed and nutritional yeast popcorn, and snuggle in the big bed. I think she is making some sort of dinner, too – with Rainbow Chard, some local ground Pork, Potatoes…not sure what magick will come about with all of that (and something about peppers, which is amazing since she doesn’t like cooked peppers). But I’m sure it will be delicious and fun and Duende-ish.

The duende is strong with this one. ❤

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