Duendesday: Making Good Stuffs

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old}

It’s been a crazy year so far. Too hot and sticky to really be out a lot this Summer, too buggy, too rainy, too icky – there has been something thwarting our deep outdoor adventures and plans this year. So, there has still been a lot of ‘making’. Making messes, making art, making new plans. Making new friends? Little Ms. Peach has a roller skating date with a new gal of her age and lifestyle, let’s hope for wonderful friendships!

Amidst our restructuring and refurbishing, D has found time to literally ‘make’ some new friends, too – like this crazy ‘gator, and her ‘flugelhorn’, and a birthday crown and clay bowl for Daddy. We managed a day down to Portland to see our lovely friend Justin off on another far nursing adventure, then we hit the East End park for some food truck Gelato and a little swinging. As much as we’re glad not to live in town anymore, we still miss the quiet neighborhoodiness of the ‘Hill.

But some lovely friends are not missing it, so they moved up here near us (yay!!)- D was super excited to have guests over for Daddy’s birthday and that it is likely we will have them as guests more often now – Happy Moving and Making a new space to stay sane, Dear Friends!

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