Monday’s Musing

Joe Versus the Volcano:

	You're going to spend the rest
	of your life on a tiny island
	in the South Pacific?

She pours them both a drink.

	Well, up till now I've lived
	on a tiny island called Staten
	Island, and I've commuted to a
	job in a shut up room with
	pumped in air, no sunshine,
	despicable people, and now
	that I've got some distance
	from that situation, that
	seems pretty unbelievable.
	Your life seems unbelievable
	to me.  All this like life,
	seems unbelievable to me.
	Somewhat.  At this moment.

	My father says almost the
	whole world's asleep.
	Everybody you know, everybody
	you see, everybody you talk
	to.  He says only a few people
	are awake.  And they live in a
	state of constant total

They think about that for a while.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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