Duendesday: just another typical wonderful day

{life with a curious and crazy almost 11 yr old}

As we get closer to someone’s birthday she’s getting more and more excited. It’s not a big year, necessarily (every year is a big year); it’s not a cycle year (we celebrate 7 yr cycles as major milestones). But it’s still a marvelous birthday! 11, can you imagine? Two weeks! She’s very excited to see Grammy & Poppi on their New England tour, too.

Duende is amazing. Her favorite activities are getting ice cream at our favorite river spot (herons and cormorants abound), rollerskating at the Mill Park, dust ‘fireworks’ or just playing in the mud (ask her about her ‘poop-a-matic’), and playing outside games like bocce, badminton, or volleyball. Today she is running through a sprinkler we got for just that purpose, and trying to keep the layer hens out of the brooder/chicken tractor full of meat pullets (because of their size, they still stay in the brooder, in the garage, at night and then we abut the brooder to the tractor for playpen time which leaves a big gap that the big chickens keep getting into just to eat chick crumbles). She’s a good chick sitter.

She’s a good everything. ❤

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