Duendesday, My Little Buttercup

{life with a curious and crazy almost 11 yr old}

That’s us – the three amigo’s. Watching the world unfurl in a plethora of beauty and struggle. This little one’s struggles are not so bad. Duende does think it’s the end of the world when she’s out of ice cream (which she tries to finagle for breakfast).

We’ve noticed big changes in her attitudes and behaviors lately – a lot of growing is going on! Yes, we’re getting a bit of the “tween ‘tude” but that is just a mask for all the confusion going on – she’s really quite the lovely child. She’s watching you – all of your body language, all of your tics, and listening to your words. I feel, more than before, being a good example is key (and yet possibly beyond me – ha!). She is asking thoughtful questions of others, showing compassion, and really thinking about how to help.

She’s also physically growing – losing teeth, developing angles and soft spots – her muscles are strong and she’s getting interested in defining them (she’s just ordered herself some ‘resistance bands’ and small weights to go with her yoga mat and balance ball). Her mind is sharp, too: her and Josh have started ‘competing’ on Seterra – a website built for geography quizzes and learning, she’s a whiz (ok, him, too)!

Her arrival signals new ideas for us to progress as our own little team. As we move closer through her second life cycle, I can see how much she’s grown and how she’s in a perfect place – that cusp of childhood to teenhood is a messy one but she’s building the tools to help her through. We’re so grateful to have been able to give her a place and time and attention she can navigate these changes – she gives back so much more.

Our little buttercup, sweet little buttercup…

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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