Duendesday: Wood Imp

{life with a curious and crazy almost 11 yr old}

On a perfect day you can usually find Duende up a tree! Most of our older apple trees are kooky with lots of crossing branches and good places to grip – she can get up into most of them (Ted still confounds her, his mid-section is still just a little too high for her to get up into). When she’s not in a tree she’s either making mud cakes or baths, or hiding like a wild puma behind clumps of grass so she can jump out and ‘attack’ the dog, or us, sometimes a wandering hen.

She loves her little creek area, which hopefully this Summer will be expanded and cleared a bit to include a little pond and a bridge or two. Her little garden is a nice spot, too – she’s mapped out 4 little square beds and we found some free small garden fencing that fits perfectly. She’s already growing her seedlings (pumpkins, eggplants, heirloom golden tomatoes) and awaiting time to sow some green beans, sunflowers, and carrots.

She was getting something out of the freezer the other day and found a Turkey, so apparently she’s roasting a Turkey today and making Mashed Potatoes and Gravy with Asparagus. I am so spoiled by this kid – ha! This goes along with her recurring baking lately (she’s trying to perfect a cake still for me but makes a marvelous Banana Bread – just perfect) and taking over of the weekly menu.

This next coming weekend for Mother’s Day we are having a small and socially distanced garden party to welcome the apple blossoms which are sure to arrive right on time (we see their little budding faces!). My little wood imp hostess will be very helpful, I’m sure. She’ll be making faerie flower crowns for everyone!

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creative life-learner

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