Duendesday: Early Spring

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

Duende loves Spring. She’s happy to have the sunshine and longer days. Running around to see what the creek is doing this time of year, doing hula hoop tricks, even trying to ride her bike on the firmer ground.

Which is hard around here – we are downhill and then across the street from a swamp. We get the snow run off from the higher ground which fills a small seep we have and into the creek on one side and down into our basement on the other. As part of the ‘lakes’ region we were already wet. As part fish, my child likes it wet. I suppose she’s more of a ‘mud puppy’.

This past week has been pretty exciting – Maple Sugaring weekend with guests to check out the process/enjoy the warmish weather along with D’s good friend Pear, some country drives (to Portland for the Tuesday delivery with a bit of scootering in the park and then again on Wednesday to go to Fedco to pick up a few things) and a quick trip to Longfellow Greenhouse to get some seedling soil and more Primrose.

What’s on the agenda for today? Raking, planting, seed starting and apparently radio tinkering (she found an old radio on the porch that she has taken over) and jello making (she uses juice or homemade lemonade with gelatin). She made a delicious Tortilla Espanola for dinner the other day and is excited to help making a ‘Hawaiian Rice Bowl’ tonite with spicy rubbed pork belly, pineapple, and broccoli. Duende is becoming quite the adept little cook!

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