Duendesday: my little witch

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

Oh, my little burgeoning witch; to where or what direction will her witchy ways blossom? Will she be a Hedge or Folk Witch like me? A Forest Witch, a Kitchen Witch, a Faerie Witch? Somehow I see her (though I can’t tell her, she needs to feel it out on her own) as a Ceremonial or Spell Witch. Where I like the family care and nurturing modes of witchery, her witchcraft tends to focus on magickal spells/potions/elaborate ritual.

Ritual is good, if done in awareness and care (not habit and blind tradition) – it can really center one in the world and in their body (unfortunately, I have never been strong in ritual and I think that adds to my struggles). She needs a real practice and attention though – and this is where a little coven could do her good. Unfortunately, that is not the kind of space we are in, in the world these days. A solitary little witch she must be.

But I do think she feels the possibilities. I know, you must think us a little strange but witchery is just another way of being in the world that asserts attention to what is around us, a mindfulness, if you will, with practices that foster that mindfulness and compassion. We’re not sacrificing babies or dancing naked in the moonlight (the neighbors could see us, if we did – though if we didn’t have neighbors…ha!). We’re not Wiccan, or Pagan. We’re ‘Seasonal Practitioners’, and we feel the astrological pull so we focus on that.

After a hard day sledding and tapping maple trees, my little pea convinced her father to do a little witchy photo shoot. Isn’t she adorable?

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