Musings for Monday

  • Because of the myths surrounding the plant, many people have kept their distance from the common milkweed. This is sad because it is one of our best tasting, easiest to harvest, and most abundant edible wild plants. This wonderful weed should be a lesson to us all. What other treasures have we been ignoring, though they abound beside us?
  • Sweet flag sums up all the best reasons to forage. It is a gift to the world, a plant of a thousand uses, an awe-rendering reminder of the simple miracle of life that surrounds us. And shrugged off, forbidden, almost forgotten by the modern world, as if the only potent chemical force allowed is that made in a factory. Known for millennia, cherished by many, held sacred with good reason: a friend to all people.
  • To the forager, trout lily is not just a woodland decoration; it is also a delicacy. It is something to be not only observed and marveled at, but also experienced. I find it comforting to know that if I were ever forced by circumstances to live deep in the woods and away from modern groceries, I would have to live on things as delicious as trout lily bulbs.

Eat Wild. ~ Samuel Thayer

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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