{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

My little Solstice Faerie – she doesn’t want for much but there are a few things that make her happy – generally ways to interact with others; building kits, art supplies, games, and activities that are easily inclusive. Every now and again she’s jazzed about something particular that I can help out with (like a ‘Make your own Cookie Cutter’ kit, a U.S. Quarter collection map – great for learning geography and state facts and she likes the coin collection part or a yoga ball for her to bounce around on, stretch those crazy growing pains!). Though I am pretty sure she lost her marbles when she opened ‘Family Jammies’ – not something I would usually encourage but I knew it would be something that she would love, and boy did she! (Though I am pretty sure the cat took his off somewhere in the house and hid them – much to her upset, and the dog just puts up with it; his begging eyes – ha!).

She got some good books this Solstice – Botanicum (which is beautiful, I highly recommend that series of natural ecology books), a fun craft book and a couple of Dover coloring books – National Parks, and Native American Dwellings, from Grammy & Poppi. And then from us some reading books: Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter by classic author Astrid Lindgren, Moorchild by Eloise McGraw, and Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelly Jones which she giggles about every time she looks at the back (the chickens are wearing pants!). She’s converted her little closet in the eaves into a ‘reading room’ with twinkly lights so we got her a ‘stuffy bag’ which is basically a bean bag shell that you can fill with blankets or stuffies, etc (I got her a down comforter base to start with) so she has a cozy seat in there.

Nana was great to get this little imp new awesome snowpants, winter gloves, and Bog boots (to go with a lovely brand new coat I got at the swap shack for her last year), paired up with the new sweater, hat with bells, and mittens from Grammy, this kid is ready for snow!

This all should keep her busy for awhile. Happy Duendesday!

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